Our Company

With Baillargeon, even complicated is easy

Baillargeon Doors is a family business that was acquired by Masonite group in March 2012; Baillargeon has been specializing in the design, manufacture, and marketing of architectural, institutional, fire, and commercial wood doors since 1985.

When your ideas are packed with innovations, when your projects require custom solutions, or when your creativity demands something much more than run-of-the-mill… anything is possible with Baillargeon!

We offer more than just optimized doors; we offer flawless framing.

Intimately bound up with today’s and tomorrow’s realities, Baillargeon’s custom approach opens up a world of potential:

  • 3 series of doors adapted to specific use and traffic specifications
  • Complete lines of tested and certified firewalls and soundproof doors
  • High-end finishes to get your creative juices flowing (including Integrity finishes)
  • The right products and expertise you need for LEED projects
  • Technical support and ongoing consulting service
  • The opportunity to upgrade your skills at the Baillargeon Institute
  • Extremely rigorous project follow up
  • A reputation for “optimal doors, minimal risk”

We offer beautiful doors custom fit to your opening and backed by the Baillargeon compliance guarantee!